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Non Veg

Kebab Special Meal
Chicken simmered in it's own juices, flavored with fennel, spices & Kashmiri chillies.

Chicken Khichdi 

Boneless chicken in a spicy red curry..

Murg Makhani Meal
Famous butter chicken in our signature flavors.

Kheema and Kulcha

Chicken tikka in a fiery curry of onions and tomatoes. 

Fish Biryani

Chicken cooked in flavors of Amritsar in a spicy curry. 


Veg Kebab Special Meal

With peppers,crushed spices in a tangy gravy. 

Dal Khichdi

Paneer in a fiery masala gravy. 

Paneer Makhni Meal

Mixed vegetables with spinach. 

Dal Makhni Meal

Dry preparation of baby corn, paneer with leek, shallot and scallon. 

Dahi Kadi and Rice.

Crushed paneer with yellow and red bell pepper. 

Special Vegetarian Meals
Special Meals
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