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Murg Peshawari
Chicken simmered in it's own juices, flavored with fennel, spices & Kashmiri chillies.

Murg Laal Maas

Boneless chicken in a spicy red curry..

Murg Makhni
Famous butter chicken in our signature flavors.

Murg Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka in a fiery curry of onions and tomatoes. 

Murg Ambarsaria

Chicken cooked in flavors of Amritsar in a spicy curry. 

Murg Hara Pyaaz

Chicken uniquely prepared in charcoal smoky flavor. 

Murg Kadai

Chicken cooked with bell pepper, onion and spices. 

Railway Mutton Curry

Succulent pieces of lamb cooked with potatoes in a medley of spices and ground chillies. 

Mutton Rogan Josh

Lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes, and whole garam masala. 

Kheema Hari Mirch

Minced meat spiced with green chilli simmered in hara masala.

Kheema Meat Rahra

Minced lamb, chunk of meat in Punjabi gravy.


Khade Sabji Masaledar

With peppers,crushed spices in a tangy gravy. 

Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer in a fiery masala gravy. 

Subzi Banjara

Mixed vegetables with spinach. 

Baby Corn Paneer Pyaaza 

Dry preparation of baby corn, paneer with leek, shallot and scallon. 

Paneer Vilayari Mirch ki Bhurji

Crushed paneer with yellow and red bell pepper. 

Paneer Makhni

Paneer cooked butter. An all time delight for vegetarians. 

Paneer Kadai

Paneer cooked in onion masla with bell peppers. 

Dili ka Palak Paneer

Paneer cooked in spinach and grated paneer. 

Dhingri Matar Hara Pyaaz

Combination of mushroom, peas and spring onion in Indian curry. 

Dal Palak Double Tadka

Spinach and yellow lentils tempered with garlic and dry chillies. 

Dal Makhni

Black lentil simmered over tandoor and tempered in a personal recipe.

Chicken Main Course
Main Course
Chicken Main Course
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